Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Slow and Steady

Slow and steady sounds really exciting, doesn't it? It doesn't to you? Well, me neither! It might not be flashy but it gets the job done. Lord willing, I have a long life ahead of me and there are things that I can accomplish if I am willing to work at them steadily. Consistent work over long periods of time will show results!

1. Training toddlers. This is not something I can do in one day. Or two days. Or two months. It's going to take time. As soon as Micah started walking we started learning to pick up our toys. Before naptime and before bedtime I would walk over with him and help him pick up his toys and put them away. It might have taken three or four months but he is really good about picking up his toys now! I could have said that it was too much effort and he would still not be able to pick up his toys.

2. Piano. I wish I had a recording of when I first picked up playing again a couple of years ago. Then again, maybe I don't! But while I'm not at all satisfied with how I play now, it is better than what it was two years ago. And I know that if I keep it up, it will be much better in another two, five, or ten years down the road. That end result is great motivation from me. That ten years will speed by and I'll either be able to say that I'm glad I kept practicing or I'll wish that I had because imagine how good I could have been! :)

3. Bible reading. Just think of how many times I will have read my Bible and how much I will have learned in ten years! I might not notice it today but God's Word is changing me.

The best motivation I have for steady work when the progress seems slow is knowing my goal or my desired end result. What am I working toward? I want Micah to be able to pick up after himself and work when he is 5, 15, or 35. So I can afford four months of effort for something that will change his entire life. God is preparing me now for life later; just like all the years before He was preparing me for life now. Little things can make a big difference.



  1. God's Word, changing me too ...

    Delighted to meet you tonight. I hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a refreshing place to dip into all of God's goodness.


  2. Welcome! It's nice to meet you too and I hope you enjoy the blog!