Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Favorites: A Growing Boy

My baby is already 16 months old! How did that happen? He's into so many new (adorable!) things!

He can climbs onto everything! The couch, the ottoman, the chairs, his high chair, even.

He knows that his train bank makes noises if you put a coin in and he will walk over and hold his hand up like he's holding a coin so that you will turn it on for him.

He gives kisses. It's really more like he licks you but it's still cute!

He jabbers away to his dad when he comes home! He has to tell him about the whole day.

He's learning to put his toys away in his toybox!

He's learning to wait. This week I told him "Wait," and he put his arms down, walked around me once, and then held his arms up again. I picked him up. He did wait. And really, that was probably a long time for him!

He realizes that the grandparents really are on the screen when we skype. What he can't figure out is why they don't come out!

He loves to open and close doors. He will do this for several minutes consecutively.

He's (finally!) sleeping through the night!

He knows to close cabinet doors. He will also try to shut you in the refrigerator if he's close by!

He loves to push things! He hasn't quite figured out that some things don't move and he will try his very hardest to make them move!

He loves the slide and the swings at the playground. But the swings the most. He will slide a few times and then go over to the swings and hold his arms up so you will swing him!

I'm thankful that God blessed our family with this little boy! He's such a treasure!

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