Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What's Really Happening

"I am working with Jesus. This is not an ordinary day."
It's easy to think that as wives and mothers and homemakers that our work is mundane and boring. And maybe on the surface it is. Ok, really, it is. We change diapers; we cook lunch; we read books; we fold laundry.

But what's really happening? We're creating a home. A place for our family to grow, rest, be accepted and challenged. We're freeing our husbands for the work that God designed for them. We're training our children to think and be like Jesus. We're raising the next generation of Christians. And every day that we're following Christ's leadership we are becoming more like Him.

Suddenly our work doesn't seem so small, does it?

The knowledge that what we are doing has such eternal impact energizes me. 

It helps me get up in the morning and meet with Jesus recognizing that I can't handle these tasks by myself. 

It helps me discipline calmly because "that doesn't make Jesus happy." "and if Mama let you act that way Jesus would be unhappy with her too."

It helps me greet and serve my husband cheerfully knowing that our marriage is supposed to show Christ to our family and to the world.

Remember to look at what's really happening in your day. 

… if two angels in heaven were given assignments by God at the same time, one of them to go and rule over the greatest nation on earth and the other to go sweep the streets of the dirtiest village, each angel would be completely indifferent as to which one got which assignment. It simply wouldn’t matter to them. Why? Because the real joy lies in being obedient to God. For a Christ follower, the important thing isn’t what God has us doing; the important thing is that we’re doing what God wants us to do. John Newton

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  1. I love the reminder of each day of obedience drawing us closer to being like Christ.