Monday, November 4, 2013

Do It For Jesus

There are people that work in daycares that change diapers, happily even, because they get paid to do so. 

There are people that cook for others because that's their job. 

There are people who clean, people who do laundry, people who teach, people who sing, people who care for others all because they receive money for what they do. 

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Are they willing to do things for a job that I am unwilling to do for Jesus? 

How piercing my lack of dedication to Jesus is! It shames me that there are people who will serve false gods with a fervor that I reserve for rare occasions and I serve the true God! 

What higher motivation can there be than to please Jesus? 

Can I love my husband...for Jesus? 

Can I change the diapers, read the books, train the children...for Jesus? 

Can I clean our home, do our laundry, cook our meals...for Jesus? 

How would that change my attitude in my work if I changed my motivation? What if my motivation wasn't recognition or money or applause? What if it was to make Jesus happy with my life that day? 

Maybe my marriage would change. Maybe my attitude toward mothering would change. Maybe our home would change. 

Do it for Jesus. 

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