Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Traditions, Volleyball, and Outback

Last Friday my (best) friend Lesley and I went to Knoxville for our annual UT volleyball game. It's a fall tradition now since this is the fourth year we've gone. We always pick a night when you can wear pink (see second picture) or take canned goods and get in free. Because, ya know, we're cheap like that. 

We never shut up the whole trip. We talk the whole way down, commentate on the game like we're experts (we are, in case you were wondering), eat way more food than we should, and then talk the whole way back. We've alternated between Olive Garden and Outback (Outback for the win this year!) and I always drive. Because cops scare Lesley. (Don't let her fool you, she DIRECTS the physician assistant program at our local university. Brains and beauty, people, I'm telling you. Now she'll hate me for saying that.)



2012 (plus a very excited Kevin)


We're just getting better with age! Actually, a serious thought but I'll save that post for around my birthday (which is coming up before too long!!).

I'm starting to really love traditions. Not necessarily ones that anybody else does but ones that mean something to my life. We've started a few with the boys already. I think they are great grounders for life. People, especially children, need to feel secure. We have a Thanksgiving tree up this year (you'll see pictures soon) and I think I'm going to do an Advent calendar and a Christmas Eve box with the boys this year too. 

What traditions do you have for you family? Which ones meant the most to you growing up? 

Oh, and for your entertainment (now you'll see why you don't get vlogs)- an instructional video that I made for Justin about taking care of the boys. 

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