Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Favorites

Several years ago I found the website "Laine's Letters." Although some are fairly old-fashioned (even for me!) they are beautiful reminders of what we are supposed to be doing with our time here at home. She has lots of great tips too. I love the encouragement in this letter, "Why I Love Homemaking.

Preacher visited our Peru missions team a couple of weeks ago and  Justin taught two Wednesday nights. He does an amazing job; I'm married to a wonderful man! You can hear them here.  They have his name (Justin Hensley) beside them. 

One of the missionary wives sent back some Peruvian treats for me! Wasn't that sweet? We've been trying them out. So yummy! 

This year I made our Thanksgiving tree. We've been filling out our leaves every evening. I love doing that and I think it'll be a fun tradition for the kids in addition to cultivating gratitude in our lives. 

Bless you, Pinterest. (Please excuse my really bad photo.)

I've been working away on my snowman painting. He's making good progress; just a little more work until I declare him finished. There's several "mistakes" that I probably can't fix now but as my husband said, "Imperfections are what makes it art." Profound, right? I could always go get a printed snowman canvas from Target (actually, no, I can't; there's not one near us) but that's not art.  But you should know- there's a science to oil painting. A science- this isn't just art. I'm obviously clueless. 

A friend of ours took some family pictures for us last weekend. They turned out great and fit perfectly in our budget! (Free!)

Enjoy your weekend, folks!

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  1. Love your family pictures!! {I've caught up on several of your posts tonight!}