Friday, November 8, 2013

The Only Answer

Life has a lot of questions. There are challenges and obstacles to be faced and I need wisdom and purpose to meet them. I know I have questions about being a lady, about being a wife, a mom, about working at church, about how to spend my time, etc, etc. Everything in life raises questions.

But there's one way to find the answers to all the questions. Learn to love Jesus. I'm not talking about sitting and singing Kum-Ba-Yah. I'm talking about reading your Bible and obeying what it says. Maybe you won't feel anything some days. But do you even want to want to know Jesus? You can do something because you are forced to and it won't mean much. But to do it because you want to? It will transform your life.

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God has all the answers. He's not going to write them in the sky. He's not going to dissolve your problems or remove all your doubts. But He is going to change you.

Maybe you feel like you're falling short as a wife or a mom or in some other area. Maybe you feel like you don't measure up and you want to change. You want to please God with your life. Let me challenge you to let go of your list of what you think you're supposed to do or be and love Jesus. Jesus can change you. He can make you the right kind of wife and mom. He can change your heart instead of you trying to force change in your actions.

Spend time with Jesus. Learn Who He is from the Bible. Learn how much He loves you. Learn what He wants a lady to be. Learn what He modeled when He was on earth. Learn what's important to Him.

Be honest with Jesus. He already knows it all anyway. Tell Him everything. Don't keep your "I've got it all together" front on when you're talking to God. Thank Him. Make it a new practice to thank God all day long. 

Obey Him. If you feel like it. If you don't feel it. If it's comfortable. If it's the hardest thing you could imagine doing.

Your husband doesn't need a perfect wife. He needs a wife that loves Jesus.

Your children don't need a perfect mom. They need a mom that loves Jesus.

If you love God, you are going to learn to die to self. You are going to learn to serve your husband. You are going to learn to train your children. If you love God, you will learn to control your emotions. You will learn to guide your home. You will learn how to love others.  But all of those things have to be born out of a love for God; you can't work them up on your own.

Don't wait until the New Year to make a resolution. Don't wait for a Monday or the start of a new month. Start now. Spend time with Him. Talk to Him. Care about what matters to Him.

Let Him transform your heart and life. 

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  1. So true. Striving for perfection will leave us defeated while striving to love Jesus will leave us perfected in Him!