Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Day Late

Yes, it's Saturday.

No, I didn't post yesterday. The hubs and I watched a movie last night instead.

I'll try to be extra awesome to make up for it.

First- two articles.  Number one: post on being a mama.
Number two: Doctor Mom on her fifth baby.

Dexter is the newest addition to our kitchen. Can we say "EXCITED"??? He works awesome. And he's pretty. I mean, handsome. 

 Yes, Micah's in a booster now. *wipes tear* But to his great delight this has meant a lot of trips with Dad because his seat just lifts out of the car now. 

The university my husband works out has a Faculty Staff Appreciation Dinner every April. We attended that this past week and had a great time. Top picture is obviously with the hubs. And then my best friend. Yeah, she's pretty cool.

We're totally crazy around here. We tried this out last night. It could have been better! 

 But that adorableness....amazing! And I could post four times as many pictures because I really do take that many. But who has time for that??

Happy Sunday...tomorrow, of course! 

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