Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Favorites

Yesterday was International Rare Disease Day. There was a time that I'd never given one thought to a rare disease but now rare disease is part of our life. I don't really consider it that way because it's become normal.  God has richly blessed our life through our little boy and Isovaleric Acidemia.  You can click on the link and read more about IVA. 

New IVA food that I found on Pinterest. It's called Biscoff. It's a "delicious European alternative to peanut butter." And it's really delicious! I strongly dislike peanut butter but this stuff is amazing! It's a vegan spread and tastes like honey grahams with a hint of cinnamon. Yum! If Micah doesn't like the texture right now I will be eating this.  It has .5 grams of protein per serving versus 7 grams per serving in peanut butter. 

Why sleep under your blanket?? 

Adorable baby found his feet! He's so fun! 

Trying to escape maybe? He sleeps like this most of the time. 

Silly boy in daddy's hat. 

Playing while we're cleaning! 

Shouldn't we all play on the playmat if it's so fun? 

He wore his "lumberjack" outfit to the grocery store. He seemed quite happy in it. 

Wearing Daddy's boots. Why do we always end up in front of that light?? 

And did we mention it's March now? How did that happen already? Here's to spring being around the corner! 

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