Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Counting the Right Things

I remember when I was young I would sit in church and count the ceiling tiles. If  I was sitting toward the front though I could only count so far back inconspicuously. And it wasn't that I wasn't interested in the sermon, I was probably taking notes at the same time. I have a tendency to do weird things like that while I'm paying attention to something. Justin makes fun of me because I occasionally trace words that our Preacher says on Justin's leg during the preaching. I don't even realize I'm doing it. They would probably diagnose me with some kind of disorder if I told the right people that. Don't spread that around.

My counting habit hasn't really gone away since I've gotten older. I just changed what I was counting. And if I'm not careful I count the wrong things. I naturally tend to count
-how many diapers I change in one day
-how many times I got up last night
-how many nights my husband worked late
-how many times I've disciplined a toddler in one day
-how many times I swept the kitchen floor

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I think you get the idea. Those aren't the right things to count. Yes, they are there. But why focus on those? Why not count the wonderful things that happen? Why not count
-how many times Micah ran up and hugged me
-how many times Kevin squealed when he saw me
-how many times God spoke to me through His Word
-how many times my husband did something sweet just because he loves me
-how many books I read with my babies
-how many meals we've enjoyed around our table

You see the difference? Much of my attitude comes down to what I am focusing on. I can see the sunshine coming in my kitchen in the morning or the dishes that need to be unloaded...again. I can see the fun times we had dirtying the clothes or the pile of dirty laundry. I want my focus to be right so that I bless my family!

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