Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Cleaning Schedule

I've had a cleaning schedule since Justin and I got married but I'm not a slave to it. For example, this past week has been a little crazy! Saturday we went to Kingsport, Sunday we had normal church activities, Monday was a holiday and we were at church a lot, Tuesday we went to Cincinnati, and yesterday I went shopping with a friend. Needless to say that messed up my cleaning schedule. But since I have a schedule I was able to adjust easily. I hate feeling behind so I did Monday and Tuesday's cleaning after church Sunday night. It took me about an hour and I did some laundry too. Now I just need to vacuum tomorrow and I'll be caught up!

Here is my normal schedule:

Mondays: bathrooms, laundry (colors and towels)
Tuesdays: kitchen, laundry (whites, Micah’s clothes, delicates if needed)
Wednesdays: dust and vacuum, wash sheets
Thursdays: menus and grocery list; pay bills and update budget
Fridays: ironing, any laundry that’s needed
Saturday and Sunday: basics such as dishes, picking up kitchen, making beds, etc, run-through of house before bed so I don’t feel behind come Monday morning

Usually I do my work either before Micah wakes up or after he drinks his morning bottle. I use naptime for other things as you will learn in a later post. Justin also does most of our errands on his way home for lunch and we grocery shop together one evening twice a month.

Also, I am working into a better schedule for tasks done on a monthly or semi-annual basis. This is something I have not done consistently enough, but at least my house is clean!

And here is the promised picture of Micah in the outfit that Dr. Burrow got him! Isn't he adorable?

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