Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Baby Schedule

That sounds a like an oxymoron; since when do babies have schedules?? But I have attempted to do most things with Micah on a schedule and it has worked out great for Micah and me.

When Micah wakes up, we change his diaper and clothes and we sing through most of this. He seems to like it but he can’t tell me otherwise either! Then we read our Bible story; we are already in the Gospels. (We use Ergermeier’s Bible Story Book and we love it.) Then we eat breakfast and play in the floor together. We play with his puzzles, stack blocks, play with cars, play on his new basketball goal, etc. Then Micah drinks his formula.

After that Micah plays by himself while I do the daily cleaning. When I fold laundry I give him a piece to play with and he loves that! Obviously I am watching him to teach him to behave on his own. We eat lunch and he’s starting to learn to pick up toys now that he can walk. Then nap time!

He got stuck! haha

Micah gets up and we read a few books and drink more formula. Then we either play or he plays by himself while I cook dinner, depending on the time. He eats with Justin and me and we play until bedtime. He also works on picking up his toys before his bath.

We do have a very specific and simple bedtime routine that we have followed since he was about two months old. He takes a bath, drinks more formula, and goes to bed! Every single night. Usually between 8-9. He typically goes right to sleep when we lay him down because he knows it’s time for bed!

Extra Activities
Now we do break this up. We play outside; we go to the library and the park; we go to Justin’s office to visit. Most of these activities are in the morning. Unless we are traveling I try very hard to be home during nap time. Life is just smoother with a nap. Micah also does really well in the nursery at church and we are going to start going to Toddler Time at the local library this week.

Some Favorites
We play a lot of music because Micah loves music. We read a lot of books and he has several favorites. We swing him around and bounce him on our knees. Justin chases him down the hallway, Micah laughing all the way.

I am attempting to teach Micah to sit on a blanket and stay there for small periods of time. This would be great for times when I need to take him somewhere and not take the stroller! I love the stroller but I hate taking it in some places. He will also need to learn to sit still for Toddler Time. I’m not certain how well this is going to work at his age so we’ll see what happens!

This is one more aspect of our schedule that we love!

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