Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Revelations of Motherhood

Micah now drinks his formula from a sippy cup; I know this is unusual because normally kids can just stop drinking formula. Well, Micah can't! Since he just started drinking all his bottles about three weeks before his birthday I was concerned about switching him to the cup. Thankfully, he just drank it from his cup the first time we tried it. Sometimes he needs to be coaxed into drinking it and that takes some time and patience. And I might have more time than patience.

Before bed tonight Micah just cuddled up against me and drank his formula while I sang to him. I was enjoying the baby cuddles and thinking about how much fun it was when I realized that wasn't the point. That baby needs my patience and my love even when he is doing irritating things. That baby needs me to be calm and train him when he is doing things I would prefer he didn't. I didn't have a baby so that he could adjust to my schedule and make life easier (all mothers can laugh here!). I need to forget about what I would want to do and think about why God gave us a baby. God gave us a baby to train up to serve Him. God gave us a baby to make us more like Him. Raising this boy is a high calling and I can't do it on my own.

While making me much more aware of my shortcomings, having a baby has also made me more thankful for some of God's attributes. God is never impatient with me when I'm talking to Him in the middle of the night. He's never trying to sleep or wanting to check His email. God is never frustrated me because He knows that I'm only human. God is patient in showing me something over and over and over get the point. God is never grouchy because He's tired and it's time for bed. God never thinks that something else would much more exciting to do. God never incorrectly manages any situation of my life. How great God is!

Thankfully, He didn't throw me into mothering without any help. I have the instruction of the Bible, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and great advice from older mothers. There's a great quote from Mrs. Beverly Hyles that applies to mothering. She says "Believe that because of God's promises, you can do whatever you are called upon to do each day." Mothering is bigger than me, but it's not bigger than God!

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