Monday, May 9, 2011

My Boys

Justin graduated on Saturday with his Master's in Business Administration. He finished classes in December and I think he's been glad to not have classes for these past few months. I am so proud of all the work that he did for this! It was an 18 month degree and he even took classes while Micah was in the hospital in Cincinnati. He has such a great work ethic and loves the work that he does! I appreciate all that he does for our family! He really is the best!!

For my other boy this has been an interesting week. He had shots two weeks ago and these were live virus shots. He was fine for a week and then he started running a low-grade fever. We watched this closely because if his temperature gets to 100.4 we have to take him to Cincinnati. It never got close enough to that to worry too much. Then he broke out in spots. This lasted for a few days. He is also cutting at least three teeth, including two molars. All of this combined means that last week, Micah only slept about half the time he normally does. He seemed fine while he was up in the day and then he would cry and sleep on and off. Thankfully last night he slept great! And he's doing well so far tonight too. The only thing left is a local reaction on his leg to his shots.

I will have to say that we have a great metabolic doctor! He is on vacation in Hawaii and even though he said he wasn't checking his email, he did and he called to check on Micah and give us instructions in case his temperature went up. We are very thankful for him.

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