Monday, October 28, 2013

Today Matters

The cost of godliness is daily obedience. Francie Taylor

It's easy to think that today doesn't really matter. I can start setting goals next week. Or in January. I can start training my children tomorrow or when they turn five. 

Instead a little work today plus a little work tomorrow and the next day will equal progress in one month, one year, five years. 

The daily training of my children is hopefully producing hearts that are bent toward God. (In work with other people, I can only do my part. I am called to obey. I am responsible before God for my actions, not theirs.)

The daily housework is producing a legacy of home. The daily decisions- the daily work- make up the memories that our children will carry with them when they leave our home. 

Every day of practicing piano is building up to a skill level that I'm not at yet. I will never get better if I wait for a long time to practice or just think about practicing. Twenty minutes here and there adds up. 

A legacy of serving God is built upon obeying today. This is the one that really matters. Am I obeying today? Am I doing my duty today? Am I loving today? 

Today counts. Today matters. 

What are you doing today? 

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  1. As a stay at home mom we have to be reminded that even tho it may seem redundant or mundane doing the same things day in and out...that we truly can make a difference!