Monday, October 21, 2013

How Being a Mom Is Like Being a Celebrity

Lately I've realized I'm as close to being a celebrity as I'll ever be and all from being a mom. I think I'll enjoy my little piece of the spotlight while it's here. 

How exactly is being a mom like being a celebrity? 

1. I have adoring fans.  I cannot imagine that anyone is more excited to see a celebrity than my children are to see me. Especially after I've been in the bathroom- ALONE- for five minutes. 

2. I receive focused public attention. People stop me in public all the time to comment on how adorable my kids are. Granted, they aren't saying anything about me but since people never stopped me in public before at all...I'll take it. 

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3. I spend money. We all know celebrities spend more money than I'll ever have on clothes, tans,  and personal trainers. I spend my money on bananas, mushrooms, and new g-tubes. 

4. I get imitated. People dress like their favorite actress, do their hair like them, and buy that same brand of nail polish. (Not gonna make you famous, honey!) My children mimic everything I do! Nothing like realizing you should stop doing something once you see your three-year-old do it. 

5. There's that paparazzi problem.  Maybe that unflattering picture isn't splashed across a magazine cover at the grocery store checkout but it is posted on Facebook because, after all, "the baby looks adorable!" And then, they tag it. 

6. Talents are sometimes greatly exaggerated. My kids think it's the bomb when I sing with Pandora and hit some high notes. My husband...not so much.  

7. People are always tugging at my clothes! Thankfully, it's not creepy like it would be if it were strangers. I've never had to call the police or my bodyguard about it. 

I've never had any desire to be famous but if it starts to sound appealing I'll just remind myself that I'm famous enough. 

Have you ever noticed that motherhood resembles fame? 

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  1. This is precious and oh so true! What a privilege it is to be called mama!