Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Missions Conference

Missions Conference is over for the year. Is it bad to say that I'm already looking forward to next year? 

Our Pastor (right) and Dr. Ashcraft- he's our main conference speaker every year. 

Mrs. Ashcraft got to come this year. She has bad health and doesn't usually travel with him.  She's a sweet lady and a very talented musician. 

My amazing husband recording the Saturday morning session. 

Now those are two cute kids! Kevin looks mischievous. 


My Micah boy :) 

Talking to one of the sweet missionary wives. 

Baby Kevin. He always points to greet people. It's adorable, don't you think? 

We had amazing sermons, lots of food and late nights, and just that quick, it's over till next year. It's always wonderful to meet our missionary families and hear about the work they are doing. 

You can hear the sermons here. And you should hear them; they are very good. 

And you can see the rest of the pictures here

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  1. Love that picture of Micah and Kevin! Missions Conference is always such a blessing!