Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Executive Chef

Justin and I have been watching "Chef Wanted." Restaurants in need of an executive chef are provided with four options by Anne Burrell. They complete a series of challenges and after each challenge one person is fired, I mean, "their job interview is over." It's quite entertaining to watch the chefs decide how to best complete the challenges and showcase their best work. 

I am the executive chef in our home. Doesn't that sound fancy? But I prepare the menus, shop for the food, manage the budget, train the sous chefs (if they are big enough), and prepare the food. 

Of course I clean up too and I don't think they normally do that but I have to be more diverse. 

It's challenging to take a look at my work from a different angle. Feeding my family is just as important to me as feeding a restaurant full of strangers is to an executive chef.  More so actually, I'm sure, as I love these people who fill my home. 

It is truly a labor of love. Cooking takes a lot of work.  Three times a day, every single day. (There are multiple times that I have wondered why I can't give everyone a banana and send them to bed.)

But my children will have memories of our fellowship around the table, enjoying the food. Memories of learning to cook, sharing time in the kitchen. 

We have to eat to survive, but I desire to make our times gathered around the table memorable moments. That is my goal as a homemaker: to give our life here spirit and love. 

She is like the merchants' ship; she bringeth her food from afar. Proverbs 31:14

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