Monday, December 31, 2012

The Last of 2012

There is just a little over an hour left in 2012. It seems like just yesterday that I was writing about my New Year's Resolution for this year.  I think I was fairly successful. Of course no one masters the Bible and I can always spend more time in it. But I read my Bible every day. (Even the day I had Kevin!) And hopefully learned a few things too. I do not intend to let that go in 2013. I actually started a new morning routine today that will enable me to spend more time in God's Word in the morning. That means it doesn't count as a New Year's Resolution! I've also been trying to focus more on prayer since I had Kevin. Practice the fundamentals.

What is my resolve in 2013? I want to have a greater soul-consciousness. A greater awareness of the people around me who are lost and going to hell. A deeper passion for soul-winning. A boldness to speak to others in my daily life when I'm not out soul-winning with church. That means I must focus on Jesus. And how will I do that? By praying and reading my Bible!

Just a short recap :)

=My favorite thing about this year? Baby Kevin was born!

=My least favorite thing about this year? A struggle that I didn't blog about specifically.  But I definitely remember it.

Other memories
-Justin and I celebrated our five year anniversary last Saturday (the 29th).
-We've lived in our house for a year (November)
-Micah turned 2 (April). There was honestly a time when I did not think that would happen.
-I found out I was pregnant with Kevin on my birthday last year. That's going to be hard to beat next week :)
-We bought a dishwasher! I'm still in love with it! We painted three rooms of our homes. We lived through our first spring/summer seasons here. It's gorgeous.

I've read lots of books (for me), read lots of books to Micah, practiced the piano for hours, went on dates with my husband, waited to see if Kevin was a boy or a girl, sat in the waiting room at the doctor's office, grieved about some serious struggles for others, planned meals, cooked meals, cleaned house, done countless loads of laundry, sat in church services, served at church, shared the Gospel, exercised, gained and lost baby weight, taken innumerable burdens to Jesus, changed diapers, kissed boo-boos, played with blocks, and walked the floors at night with babies. Jesus was with me every single moment and I'm glad He'll be with me every single moment of next year as well.

If I want to be closer to Jesus at the end of 2013. Then I must be closer to Jesus at the end of today. And at the end of tomorrow. And at the end of the next day. Get the idea? Every single day I must draw close to Jesus and do His will. Even when it's not flashy. There are plenty of people I know who could list much more exciting things about their year. But this was God's will for me this year. I've grown and stretched. And I've loved it too. God has been so incredibly good to me.

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