Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Favorites

First off, Kevin has moved to the nursery. Mostly because I was hoping he would sleep better in there and so far he has! Victory! Although it does hurt this mama's heart that he's so big already!

I tried my first Pinterest hairdo! And I think it was a success even though I didn't have any clear elastics and couldn't secure the braid at the bottom. And I even liked the way it looked from the front. This will be a repeat!

 Is there anything better than being wrapped in clothes straight from the dryer?? I remember my mom covering me up with towels when I was little. Micah loved the warm sheet!

I'm going to do a pushup challenge! Hurray! Except I started it yesterday instead of waiting till the first. Why wait when you go ahead? And I'm doing military style pushups with elbows at the side going back....because I'm really bad at them.

And I did it. I broke down and made a quotes board. Why? Because I LOVE quotes.

Also....I found a website that lists free ebooks each day!! Hurray for books! I've decided that I'm going to stop sleeping and use that time to read! I have a ton of books on my Kindle app on my iPad and I bought books with my Christmas money too! So check out


  1. I love Pinterest and there are so many ideas, too bad we don't have enough time to try them all.

    BTW, that push up challenge looks interesting. I so need that. My arms are so weak.

    Okay so I just found your blog and I enjoyed my visit. Such a nice blog.

  2. Glad you enjoyed your visit here! And yes, the pushup challenge is...well, a challenge! haha But I'm getting there. And there's never enough time for Pinterest. I try to limit what I pin to what I think I'll actually do....