Monday, December 3, 2012

If I Had Twitter...

There are some days I wish I had Twitter because I have a lot to say. So if I had Twitter, here's what today would have looked like. 

-All the cleaning's done and last load of laundry is washing before 9:30!
-The weather is gorgeous! Can I keep it forever?
-Glad I can tell my problems to Jesus and He won't tell anybody else!
-Micah patted himself on the back when I said "good job." This kid cracks me up!
-The road crew is here grading the driveway. #NewAddressWithoutMoving
-Playing with Micah on the porch reminds me of our wonderful summer and makes me miss being pregnant. Yes, weird, I know.
-Love Psalms. So comforting.
-New post-nap/pre-dinner routine is working well! Much more efficient and productive!
-Feeling super skinny this weekend! Whoot for post-baby skinniness! Probably thanks to consistent exercise.....and the Dr. Pepper I've not been drinking.
-Found the drain stop in my makeup bag. Life is more interesting with children.
-Baby Kevin falling asleep as I carry him to bed? Consistency paying off!

A little recap of my day for you. And I've been playing with a new app on my iPad. I like these cool collages of my family! 

AND.... Baby Kevin was three months old yesterday!  How is that even possible? It makes me sad. But he's so fun. If you smile at him, he will smile back at you. Every. Single. Time. Love it!

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