Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Favorites

Hurray for not being sick anymore! Justin and I both caught this nasty stomach bug that's been circulating around church and Justin's work. Thankfully neither of the boys caught it. And I'm back to eating normally today. That's nice too!

We slacked off a lot this week because of this. Micah won the VeggieTales jackpot. That's way too much tv under normal circumstances. :) The house got spot cleaned. Laundry is caught up though (even the ironing!) and we did grocery shop tonight. So all in all, not too bad.

And now, you know what you're getting after such a week.   Pictures!

Cutest two-year-old face ever! 

Yes, these boys are fun! 

How blessed I am! 

Ready for the Christmas party at Justin's office. 

Boys playing!

Eating! Yes, I am holding a roll! haha

Coat hangers are the best toys! 

Evening nap snuggles! 

Wearing Daddy's clothes! 

Why should we lay ON the playmat???

Why not wiggle or roll into the kitchen and see what's happening there?? 

Even if we lay on the uneven joining of the floors. Comfy, right?? 

Enjoy your weekend before Christmas! We'll be celebrating with family! 

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