Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Busy Times

My husband works in technology. This means that he's incredibly intelligent! Not where I'm going with this post though. It means that there are times he is incredibly busy! And summer, especially the end of summer, is one of those times. August is one of his office's busiest months and it's been even more so this year because they are finishing up some extra summer projects. So Micah and I have been on our own a lot. Now this is not our preference; we miss that man! But when there's nothing to be done about it, we make the best of it.

Some ideas I've gathered this summer:
- Plan fun things to do. Micah and I go to the park, go to McDonald's for fries, watch movies, go to the playground around the corner, meet friends for playdates, finish extra projects, etc.
- Make home cheerful and pleasant for when Justin is here. I want him to enjoy every minute he's home.
- Don't make plans for when Justin will be here. Let him determine what he wants to do. I try to finish all our work while Justin is gone.
- Focus on others. Don't whine about not seeing him more; he can't help that he has to work! And since we're the reason he's working it's a little ungrateful too.
- Express appreciation. Who doesn't like a heartfelt "thank you"? My husband does so much for us!
- Be interested in his work. Ask a lot of questions and follow up with a "How did ________ go today?"
- Pray for him and let him know about it! All that work can be stressful and he has a lot of decisions to make.
- Be cheerful. I want him to know that we are here having a good time! He doesn't need to worry about us here by ourselves on top of everything else he has to do. We always go out on the steps to wave (and smile!) when he leaves and when he calls we drop what we are doing and talk to him!
- Involve him. I send him funny pictures of Micah, take him cookies or lunch, buy his favorite drink, etc.
- Make the most of the time we have. This might mean popcorn and a show before bed, laughing at Micah's antics before he leaves for work, etc.
-Find an appropriate time to discuss problems. I don't mention problems or difficulties when he calls or arrives home unless something needs to be dealt with immediately.
- Practice mind control. Don't even think that I never see him, never get a break, etc. For one thing, none of those are true and they are crippling thoughts for my attitude!

I read in a book that Jesus is always enough. When Justin can't be here, Jesus is! (And obviously He's still here when Justin is too!) I don't have a husband so he can make me happy. That is an impossible task for any person. I have a husband so that I can help him reach God's will for his life. I can only do that as I forget myself and focus on what he needs. These tips help me encourage my husband and model the right attitude for our children.

Although someone did suggest that I fake labor to get to spend some extra time with him! Think it would work?? :)


  1. If I had to guess, I'd say your husband probably misses being at home too. My husband and I have been married for 19 years and I still miss him while he's working.

    In reference too your previous post. You have done such a great job preparing for your home and family when your new little one arrives.

    Many blessings to you Friend!!!!

  2. I know he does! And 19 years is quite an accomplishment! Congratulations :)

    And thank you! I hope the transition goes as smoothly as possible!