Monday, August 27, 2012

Freezer Cooking: Last Update

This will be the last update because, well, my freezer is full! As in, if I put something else in there I would have to sit in on the ice :) And I'm glad about this because if there were more room I would feel compelled to make more to go in there! Now I'm just done with it! 

So for the countdown:

2 bags shepherd's pie filling
2 bags chicken pot pie filling
6 bags of pancakes (3 apiece)
3 bags mashed potatoes
4 bags of Micah's mashed potatoes (1 serving apiece)
1 lasagna
1 pizza casserole
1 broccoli chicken casserole
7 hamburger patties
5 sausage patties
8 pounds browned and seasoned hamburger
4 bags cooked cubed chicken
8 individual sized pizza crusts
3 balls of pizza dough (1 large pizza apiece)
1 pound meatballs

And then, of course, there's hamburger, chicken, fish, and vegetables in there too. I'm so glad to be finished with that!

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