Monday, August 13, 2012

Freezer Cooking

So it's officially time to start cooking for my freezer for after this baby gets here! And by officially time I mean I'm going to feel really behind if I don't get a good start this week. And I'll stock some extra staples too for quick meals.

At some point I had a nice list of things I wanted to make for the freezer. However that was pre-iPad and, of course, I have no idea where that list is now. But I can think of a few things...I'll have to brain storm later.

1. Pizza Dough. Super easy. Mix up and let rise. Then punch down and  freeze.
2. Pizza Crust. Same as above, except roll out and fry before freezing.
3. Casseroles- pizza casserole, lasagna, shepherd's pie
4. Mashed potaotes? I've never done this but my mother-in-law has and they are always really good.
5. Soup.
6. Browned and seasoned hamburger meat. That could come in really handy!
7. Cooked, chopped chicken. That could save a few steps in any meal!
8. Cookie Dough

I think I'm most excited about the hamburger and chicken. And I think that's a nice starting list! Any other ideas that could help? And not take up a lot of room in the freezer :)

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