Saturday, June 30, 2012

Painting Party!

You have no idea how I've agonized over this kitchen wall color since we got it. As soon as we were in the car coming home I was nervous! And then the next morning I spent breakfast holding the color card against the curtain, the trim, the countertop, you get the idea.  Thankfully we painted that night so I wasn't in suspense long! And I love the color. I'm a little shocked, honestly. It wasn't at all what I expected (how does that happen when I pick the color??) but we both love it!! Some friends of ours came over to help paint and that was so nice! We finished much faster that way! 

This gives you the best idea of the color. It's very cozy and I feel like I'm in a small cafe somewhere. There should be soft music and candles. I do need to find some decoration for that wall. I'm thinking three mirrors. Or a painting with some red in it.

The light reflected weird on the color here but you get the idea.

I love how it looks with the countertops and the cutting board.

There is a slight purple undertone to the brown. But not that purple! Shows how lighting affects pictures :)

That's more like it.

Our neighbor's donkey came for a visit today. You just never know what's going to happen.

Micah wore Daddy's shoes and yes, one of them is on backwards. He's hilarious!

And this is who he gets it from! haha On to Kevin's room Let's not even pretend that we painted this! Justin's parents came up today and they knocked this room out in a couple of hours. I think they are really experts!

It's a sky blue color that I love.

Those same pictures hung in Micah's nursery.

I really like this picture. We just need to buy some curtains :) And that lamp has a small reading light that will come in really handy.

 I love the way the carpet, trim, and blue look together.

We still have a little work for this corner. A dry-erase/bulletin board is going over the changing table and I have some artwork to go up there as well.

We completed several projects this weekend and had a lot of fun! Thanks to everybody who helped! 

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  1. The rooms look great! I vote for red in something you put on the wall against the brown. :)