Wednesday, June 13, 2012

God's Sovereignty over My Schedule

As you might have noticed I love a schedule! I love to know when I am supposed to do something and what I have to get done any given day. It makes life so much simpler to not wonder every morning, "What do I need to do today?" Instead I know and can just get right to my work.

But sometimes... life doesn't work according to my schedule. My husband calls when I'm in the middle of something and asks me to bring him lunch. My kiddo gets strep (no, really, in June!). My parents are off and want to come visit. Some interruptions to my schedule are positive (like parents visiting) and some are negative but either way, God is not surprised by them.

It's easy for me to remind myself that God's not surprised in the big things in life. Occasionally I forget that He's really paying that much attention to the little details of my day though. He knows exactly what I need to be doing and what my priorities need to be. If I remember that God's schedule for me is supreme over my own then it's no problem to adjust to something new that pops up. I can smile and say "Sure honey, we'll be there as soon as I fix something for you" when my husband calls. I can drop everything I'm doing and take my baby to the doctor and let him lay on me all day. And when he lays all day you know there's a problem! I can skip the cleaning and enjoy a fun day with my parents too!

God is in charge of all the "interruptions" that occur in my life. But to Him they aren't interruptions; they are His divine plan for my day!

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