Monday, June 25, 2012

Cooking for a Crowd

Our church family eats a meal together every week after we go soul-winning and two ladies always share the cooking responsbilities.  This was quite intimidating to me the first few times. (Desserts are the easy part.) I have this horror of running of out of food :) But I soon found the best thing to do was find recipes that are simple to increase. I usually make casseroles but occasionally make soups or chilis.

I thought I share this recipe that I have made several times for church. It always goes over well but then our church family is not picky!

Try it the next time you cook for a crowd. I do make a few modifications, of course. I think I have to. :) In addition to tripling the recipe, I also add 4 or 5 extra cans of soup and extra milk to the sauce. I hate to have a dry casserole.

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