Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Where We've Been

Dropped off the earth for a week, didn't I? I think you'll see why!

We bought a house!! We've been working on this since March. Yes, March. It was a short sale and it did seriously take 6 months to get everything done. But it's ours and we're in! We're so thankful for it! God worked out every detail for us to be able to buy it.

So here's pictures. I started packing the apartment last Thursday while Justin was out of town on a trip for church. Then we moved Monday and Tuesday. I LOVE this house. It's fantastic!

Micah's room isn't here because I took them during his nap. I'll put them up later!

View out the front door! There are railroad tracks across the road.

Living room! Love my big to find curtains!

Other side of the living room. We are getting the piano from Justin's parent's house on Saturday!! Hurray! It's going right where the keyboard is!

Our bedroom! It has a massive closet. And another window.

Dining Room! And the screened in porch to the left. You'll get a picture of it after the empty boxes are taken away :) And there's a closet in the corner of the dining room that you can't see from this angle!

Refrigerator, counter, and cabinet space!

Loving the counterspace beside the stove! I didn't have any before! And we do plan on repainting all that orangish color paint. That's too much, even for the Tennessee fans that we are!

Hallway to the front door, plus coat closet

Looking down the hallway. Micah's bedroom is to the right. You can see the linen closet and the extra bedroom straight ahead. Bathroom's on the left.

The bathroom is divided in two parts by a door. There's this long counter and sink in the outer part.

And sink, toilet, and tub in the inner part. (And the towel's only temporary. I don't want people to see in my bathroom at night!)

Huge closet at the end of the hallway next to the kitchen! Can we say kitchen storage?

Half bath! An older lady lived here alone. Hence all the pink!

Laundry room, looking out the side door. And yes, that's a monster closet there too!

Obviously I've had 6 months to think about decorating so I have all kinds of ideas! I'm so excited to get started on them!


  1. I was wondering where your posts have been! :) I am so happy for you! The wood floors are gorgeous! He surely gives His children the desires of their hearts! :) Be sure to post pictures as you decorate! :)

  2. Congratulations on getting moved into your new home! I've heard that short sales can take a long time. The house we bought was also a short sale, but we were fortunate to only have to wait about 2 months.

    I love your new home. It looks very spacious, and I LOVE the kitchen storage space. I could use one of those. :) I hope that you will enjoy decorating it.

    ~M. Wildflower

  3. Thank you, ladies! God has been so good to us! I will be sure to post pictures as I decorate!