Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Justin, Micah, and I went to Columbus, OH, this past weekend to attend a "Cooking Low-Protein" workshop. We made it into a mini-vacation and had a great time! Some college friends of ours live in Columbus and graciously opened their home to our family. We had a great time catching up with them!

The workshop was sponsored by Vitaflo, a company that specializes in metabolic formulas, and conducted by Malathy Ramanujam. Malathy's son has homocystinuria. She has actually developed her own line of products that are low-protein and sold at www.tasteconnections.com . The workshop was mostly focused on making low-protein breads and other carbs.

Justin was able to spend some time talking the Vitaflo reps that attended the event. Vitaflo is actually based out of the UK and they are working on developing some new products but had not found many people in the U.S. with IVA. These two reps cover 8-12 states and do not know any other families with IVA in those areas! (The rest of the families there were all dealing with PKU.)

It was interesting to talk to the other parents that attended the workshop. I learned a lot about PKU and got several good recommendations for low-protein foods.

There is a similar workshop in Mason, OH, in December that we are hoping to attend.

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