Thursday, December 4, 2014

What About Today?

He who does not serve God where he is would not serve God anywhere else.  Charles Spurgeon

What did you think about today when you got up? Did you see a to-do list miles longer than what you could accomplish? Did you see a dreary day that was covered with burdens and problems? Did you see a chance to serve God right where you are?

One thing I've noticed among the many missionaries I've been blessed to meet and know is that they aren't super people. They aren't the top crust Christians that were just so amazing that God said, "You are exactly what the mission field needs!" And I'm not attempting to slight them at all; I know some amazing missionaries! What I have noticed is that they are normal Christians who were willing and available. They are normal Christians with struggles and problems and slip-ups. They are normal Christians who want to serve God but just aren't sure they are doing a good job. They are just like you and me.

Now I'm not saying that God is going to call you or me to the mission field. (But would you go?) What I am saying is our willingness to serve is proved in our daily lives. We can't claim that we would serve God in big ways if we aren't serving in the little ways. We can't claim we would speak to presidents and rulers about him if we won't speak to our neighbor about him. We can't claim that we would live with conviction in a foreign city if we won't proclaim Christ with our lives where we are now.

Do you want to serve God? Serve Him today. Serve Him in the diapers, dishes, laundry, preschool, homework, filing, bookkeeping, customer service work you do. Serve Him by serving your husband, your children, your boss, your neighbors, your co-workers, your friends. Serve Him by biting your tongue instead of letting those words fly out. Serve Him by putting on clothes that honor God. Serve Him by spending time with Him and then getting up to tackle your work. Serve Him right now, today.

Yes, the daily can seem like nothing. It can seem like it doesn't matter; like it doesn't make a difference. It can seem like nothing but when God is looking for a faithful servant it will mean everything. Don't discount what God has given you today.

If God were to suddenly put you on whatever platform you imagine- the mission field, a speaking position- you would be the same person. You wouldn't suddenly be more godly, more patient, more loving, more anything than what you are now. What are you now? Can God use you as you are right now?

We are so willing to say that God loves us in our mess, that His grace conquers all- and it does. But it doesn't give us an excuse to not grow. Instead it should motivate us to do more than what we are. Christ's love for us is our great motivation for life, for our daily service.

Be who God wants you to be and let God put you where He wants you. 

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