Monday, December 22, 2014

Sometimes You Get To Decide

You get to decide what kind of day you will have.  Every morning when you get out of bed you decide. If you are going to write the day off as bad because you were up all night with the baby. If the day is only fun when you have something "special" to do. If the work makes the day enjoyable or unenjoyable. If this day- regardless of what it holds or what your night was like or whether your kids woke you up fighting- is a gift. 

You get to decide if you will count your blessings in the disagreeableness of your daily. If you will thank God for the children even if they are requiring constant correction. If you will thank God you have a washer and dryer at home when you change wet sheets and wash spit-up covered clothes and more dirty towels from the kitchen. If you will thank God for your husband and his job even if he has to work late.  You get to decide. 

You get to decide how you view those little ones. If you see them as blessings, as gifts that God has shared with you. If you will see them as men you are training for a future purposed by God. If you will train them and love them as tenderly as God loves you.  If you will see the greatness of the work in front of you and fall on your face before God begging for help. If you will show others a joy that comes from God and not your circumstances. You get to decide. 

You get to decide if you will nurture your marriage. If you will love that man and learn him. If you will desire to be good for his life or a detriment to him. If you will water your marriage when you have to dig deep at a well that's running on empty. If you will die to self to serve another sinner. If you will put him before the other people in life you would like to impress. If you will show him the love God has shown you. If you will forgive and try again tomorrow. If you will laugh and enjoy today.  You get to decide. 

You get to decide how you will face your work. If you will dig in and do it with excellence. If you will learn new skills and hone your passions to contribute something lasting to eternity and your arena. If you will do the work when you don't feel like it or when it feels like it isn't accomplishing anything. If you will let other sway you by their dislike of your work ethic. If you will work for Jesus only instead of other people. You get to decide. 

There are a lot of things in life you don't get to decide. But in these- you get to decide. 

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