Saturday, December 13, 2014

Weekend Reading (and Listening)

Some weeks the internet is just full of extra good things. (At least if you are looking in the right places!) So in the interest of sharing some goodies I've enjoyed this week, here's another edition of 'weekend reading.'

--I recently started reading Design for Mankind. Which means I put the feed into Pulse and skimmed most posts. Until this one. Bring the Crowbar makes me question why I bother to write and then I remember that's what she's encouraging: writing. It's beautiful.

--Phylicia Delta is at it again! She's speaking so many thoughts that make me want to shout, "Say it again, sister!" The whole women's lib movement is beyond me. We're being liberated for what? To be intelligent, insightful creatures who add value to our worlds? No. To parade around in our underwear. Go figure how that's an advance. Take a few minutes and go read why she doesn't watch the VS Fashion Show.

--Now moving on to the listening. I've mentioned before that Ruth Simons from GraceLaced is one of my favorite online people. This week she was featured on one of my favorite podcasts! Check out Inspired to Action to listen to her wisdom. I'm sure I'll listen to it a few more times this week.

My favorite part was when she said that you don't expect boys to sit and crochet for an hour. A few of hers paint with her but they would rather pretend a big stick in the backyard is a machine gun. Until someone hits someone else over the head and then everybody cries. Beautiful... because similar scenarios have occurred here.

--And on another podcast (you did know that I'm obsessed with podcasts, right?) Crystal Stine shared all kinds of wisdom about writing and being online. I did listen to this several times already. You will enjoy it too! That's my solid vote of confidence there.

Enjoy your weekend!

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