Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Life in the Spring

We've been busy enjoying spring! Hello, sunshine! 

And when I say busy, I mean busy playing outside. 

Do you realize how much better children play during piano practice after they've played outside for an hour? 

I had no idea. It is amazing. 

Love the row of irises by the shed

This boy is getting way too big way too fast! And yes, he poses like this for the camera.

Micah would swing all day if he could! 

This earned Kevin a "Wait on Mama!" 

Micah got a chair for his birthday. Both of the boys love it! 

He clapped enthusiastically after his birthday song! 

He actually ate his cake this year! He loved it! 

And we used this picture to announce our pregnancy on Facebook. I'm 12 weeks now! (And it got a way more of a reaction than any facebook post I've ever made. People just love babies!)

We've revamped our preschool schedule for the summer. It includes Circle Time, daily reading, and outdoor play. And hopefully one more focused activity a week, maybe on a rainy afternoon or something. 

Another lady and I started a children's singing group (ensemble? choir?). We practice Wednesday nights before church and they are going to sing one morning a month during Sunday School. They've been doing well so far and are singing their first song on the 18th. 

And I finished a project yesterday for the wall in the boys' room once we unbunk the beds. Kevin will be joining Micah in his room in the late summer. I'm already itching to rearrange the furniture in the nursery. And yes, I'll show you the project later. 

So that's life at the moment. I have deeper thoughts (I know you are waiting with anticipation) but they'll wait for later.

 Go play outside! 

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