Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Number One Rule for Naps

The number one rule of a winter Sunday afternoon nap is to shut the curtains. The winter sun pours beautifully into our living room and I love it. Until it's shining in my eyes when I'm trying to sleep. Sunlight and sleep don't go together. 

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This is important because napping is next to godliness. Especially for mothers. You will feel so much better after a nap. 

Take a nap. Leave the mile-long to-do list and sleep for a while. Right now I have a whole handful of ways I want to use my hour of quiet time this afternoon. But I know I do better with a nap on Sunday afternoon. So I'm going to hit publish and lay down. Because tired ruins creative. Tired ruins nice.

Try it. There's something extra special about a nap. 

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