Thursday, January 2, 2014

Blog Direction for the New Year

I'm making or have made several changes to the blog for this new year.  I've updated the About page, the Our Family page, and the Isovaleric Acidemia page! And don't forget to check out the new Bookshelf page! 

This year I'm going to move to a Tuesday/Thursday posting schedule. This is mostly to avoid having to make sure a post is finished on Sunday night to post on Monday morning.
Some weeks I'll do a Friday Favorites and other weeks I won't.  But the main focus of my posts this year are going to be about my focus for this year: the Word and my work. 

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I'm not sharing these things because I'm an expert or because I think you should do your work like me. I share them because 

1. It's the best way for me to remember. I actually follow the thoughts through to a conclusion instead of simply jotting down a note (Although that is better than nothing)

2. Others have told me that it helps them. 

You don't like it? You don't agree?  Don't do it. Don't even read it. (That should bring in the blog readers, right?)

So I'll be writing on things I'm learning from the Bible and from books about the Bible. I'll be sharing some of my favorite books that have helped me. I have so many favorites! I'd like to feature one a month and share an important lesson that I've learned from it. 

We'll talk about things I'm learning as a mom, a wife, a homemaker. Stories from church and soul-winning. Explanations on how we do certain things about our home (like our Thanksgiving tree and other memory makers)

You'll still see cute pictures of my kids- because let's face it, they're adorable! You'll get links to great things I find around the web. You'll find some recipes and meal ideas. You'll hear my heart on being a Biblically feminine woman instead of a feminist woman. You'll get random posts about awesome and not-so-awesome happenings in life. 

Let's journey through 2014 together, shall we?

And you should thank me. My original draft of this post had 7 items in parentheses. Nothing better than talking with yourself in the post, right? 

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