Friday, February 8, 2013

Glitch in the System

So here's the problem. My exercise time is also my blogging time. Oops. Not sure how I coordinated that so poorly. But exercise has been winning out. And I've been sick this week and crashing after the boys were asleep. So brief recap...

1. Once again, I'm very thankful that God has protected my boys from my illness. Some nasty sore throat/fatigue/aching ears virus type thing that tested negative for everything important. (Especially mono. Really, I'm not in the demographic. "Stay-at-home-mom contracts the mailbox." Seems unbelievable.) Also: Halls Fruit Breezers = amazing!

2. We took Micah to Cincinnati while I sounded like a man. Everyone was too polite to comment. He had been changing several key habits of his for the past three weeks and we wanted to have him checked out. So far, so good. He seems to be returning to normal and all his levels have come back fine. Hopefully, that was also just a virus.

3. I'm cutting my hair tomorrow. Well, I'm not cutting it, but you get the idea. I've worn it in a ponytail for weeks and realized I was growing it out so that it would be easier to put into a ponytail. Seemed stupid.

4. God answers prayers in uncomfortable, but effective ways. You may hear about this. You may not. Just know that it's true. Have you ever noticed this in your life?

5. I have some awesome blog post ideas that I need a little more time to sort through.  I really have got to find a good blogging/writing time.

6.  It's almost the middle of February, little dude is already five months old, and big dude will be three in two months. I'm in denial about all this except for the moments when I'm searching for the "pause" button for time.

7. I've accepted the fact that we're weird. Apparently. I stay at home (with my college degree). We have a child with a rare disorder and had another kid, we hope to have more children, we intend to homeschool, I wear skirts (I never mentioned that, did I? Well, it gets noticed in person.) I'll just introduce myself as Lisa Freak so people don't have to find it out so slowly...kidding. Kidding! I don't think I'm weird at all. :)  But I tend to skirt (haha) around these issues so that people don't think I'm weird and that gets old. I try to remind myself that I'm only supposed to really care about what God thinks about me....I'd have to change a lot more than those few things to be considered "normal" by the world and I'm not interested.

8. My mind has been working ninety miles an hour like normal even if I've not been blogging! I'll get back to it. Promise.

Thanks for reading all that; it was a not-so-brief recap! Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I guess I'll just have to be "weird" too! :o) love reading your posts, and I can sooo relate!
    Blessing to you!

  2. Maybe if we're weird together we're not really weird?? :)I think it's pretty universal for being different from the world.
    Enjoy your weekend!