Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dangers of Motherhood

I would expect a serious entry from that title but this is anything but. My nose and Micah's head had a fight. Micah's head won. It was a funny situation. I bent over to kiss Kevin's head in the bouncy seat and then moved up to kiss Micah's head. He was sitting in a kitchen chair. Either he moved or I seriously misjudged spatially. I whacked my nose good on the side of his head instead of brushing a kiss across his forehead. He wasn't injured at all.

Can I just say I almost broke my nose?! Seriously, it's swollen and discolored and it hurts! It throbs when I bend over and it hurts to touch my face. It's really pretty funny.

It wouldn't be so bad except both of the boys cranked me on the nose with their heads in the past few days. Ouch! But I didn't scream because I thought it might be traumatic for them.

I did try to take a picture. But it didn't really show anything so I won't share it here. So instead you can have some adorable pictures of my kiddos.

I know I'm prejudiced but they are the cutest little things that ever walked the earth. There you have it.

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