Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Favorites

Pinterest is fun! Most of the time it's easier to pin than to do. To pin or to do?  Shakespeare could have said that if he had known about Pinterest. A blog that I read suggested challenging ourselves to do six of our pins over the next six weeks. Sounded like a great idea to me! So last night when I was up with Kevin I picked out six pins.

Now if I had really wanted to challenge myself I would have picked some sewing pins. And I looked at all of them. But they still seem scary to me. I need to just pick a time each week to sit down with my machine. Sing it songs. Dust it. Maybe sew something on it too! But back to the pins I did pick.


1. I only picked one recipe. I regularly use my recipe boards for menu planning so that wasn't much of a challenge. A dessert though is less likely to be done and this one looks delicious. 

2. Number two got picked because I really want to write more. Great place to start. There are a ton of questions so I'm hoping to get through two or three a night. 

3. I'm going to put my sign in the laundry room. I have a canvas already to make it on. I'm looking for stickers or stencils to use for the letters. 

4. Fun car activity for Micah! And I already have felt and a diaper case. I do need glue however. Who doesn't have glue? 

5. Although let's be honest...there is no way I am going to print out pictures for the prayer sticks. It would never get done so we're just putting names on ours. And I think I'll have two cups. I'll put them all in one cup. And once we pray for a person they will get moved into the second cup until we get through them all. Then we will move them back again. I'm quite excited about this. I have a few supplies that I'm going to pick up at Hobby Lobby tonight. The excitement level is higher than you may expect since we don't have one close by. We're going out of town on a date and stopping at Hobby Lobby. That's true love! What a husband!

6. Pretty simple. Measure, trace, cut. Attach to lampshade! Isn't it cute?

Oh, and don't forget to notice an update. Over to the right, under my really cute picture (ha!), you can find a Pinterest button that will take you straight to my Pinterest boards. There's some pretty neat things there. 

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