Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Incorporating Toddlers into Cleaning

I read a statement out in blogland (that means I don't remember where) that challenged me to get Micah involved in what I was doing. Structured preschool is all about kid-appropriate activities that are new developments to probably our generation or the generation before. Before that moms just involved the kids in whatever was going on around the house. There was so much to do that they had no choice.

What I would truly love would be to spend a week with Susanna Wesley and watch how she managed all she did with all those children! But since that's not going to happen...

I've been working on involving Micah in my work. And yes, it would be much faster to do it myself but I don't tell him that! Instead I tell him how much I enjoy his help and what a good helper he is! And he loves to help me!

  • He helps me carry laundry baskets. He holds one side and walks forward and I hold the other and walk backwards and we carry the basket to wherever we are going.
  • I put the wet clothes on the dryer door and he pushes them into the dryer.
  • He helps pick up all his toys.
  • He will pick up and carry items for me.
  • When I sweep and mop he "uses" the opposite item. We don't have anything delicate low enough for him to break.
  • He helps me "fold" clothes. Obviously, he doesn't really fold anything but he thinks he does! So it's work to him.
  • When I make our bed, Micah carries the shams and decorative pillows from the corner and puts them up on the bed.

I have a few ideas in mind as he's getting bigger too. Soon he can carry his dishes to the sink and help me dust. As soon as he's out of his crib, he will start learning to make his bed.

This is a great way for him to learn to work! And we're spending time together and my work is getting done as well! Winner for everybody!

How do you include your small children in your work around the house?

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  1. Great ideas here!!! I love them! I am going to start doing some of these things with my toddler, too. Popping over form Titus 2sdays.