Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Favorites: God's Provision

Even though we've seen it over and over and read it again and again in the Bible somehow it frequently shocks us when God provides in our own lives, doesn't it? We say all the words, "God can provide." "God can handle it." "Nothing's too big for God." And then we go on our way worrying about options and what we are going to do about the situation.

Thankfully, over the past few years, I've seen God work a few miracles in our family and I think I'm getting better about this. This story is little comparatively but makes me feel incredibly loved by God.

Justin and I are carriers of a rare metabolic disorder that Micah has and all of our children could have. Our babies will always have to be tested so that we can know if they have IVA and we can start treatment before they have a metabolic crisis like Micah had. Genetic testing is expensive. Justin and I needed to be tested so that they could narrow down precisely what they were testing for in the baby. We do not have an in network provider that does genetic testing and we haven't met our deductibles for this year. The cost was fairly prohibitive although we had not ruled out that option. It turns out that the prenatal testing that will be done on the baby includes the genetic testing of the parents! There will still be a cost for the baby's test but we aren't paying a separate fee for our tests! Isn't God wonderful?

God cares about all the details of our lives and is working on our behalf. Sometimes we forget about these stories that show how much God cares. It makes sense to write them down so that we can remember them when we are tempted to worry. How do you remember God's blessings on your life?

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