Sunday, February 19, 2012

Big Boy Beds and Snow!

Justin's parents bought Micah some bedroom furniture for his birthday! We got it set up in his bedroom and he loves it! He adores that bed! He plays on it sometimes with Justin and he'll lay down and pretend to sleep!

Far side of his room. Still plenty of room to play!

New dresser

Bunk beds and his bookcase. We moved his guardrail down to that corner in the middle of the night the second night he slept in the bed. He always likes to sleep with his head against the bars of his crib and now he puts his head against footboard of the bed. The guardrail was centered in the bed previously but he shoved himself head first out of the bed and was dangling because his behind got stuck! We rescued him and he went right back to sleep.

See where the guardrail is there? That was before we moved it. I turned on the light as soon as he woke up to take a picture.

The light is the reason for his funny face!

He never tries to get out until I get in there. He can get in and out of the bed by himself around the guardrail though.

Justin fell asleep on the bean bag chair after lunch today. Micah couldn't figure out what to do with him!

We finally got snow today! They had been predicting six inches and it finally started falling right before church ended this morning. Justin went out to measure the snow about 6:30 and we had about 3 1/2 inches. And it's still snowing! The crazy thing is it was 60 degrees yesterday!

We haven't had hardly any snow before this! It's so pretty. And I'm very glad that the snow has not knocked out the power yet!

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