Wednesday, August 3, 2011


We are all guilty of reacting without thinking to a situation or a request, right? (Please tell me it's not just me!) And I've found that I am even more guilty of this if I am stressed or tired. Shame on me if I think that's an excuse! I've found the best way to help myself is to have a catchphrase that I can say in my head and stop myself from reacting sinfully.

When I was pregnant with Micah the catchphrase was "it's not about me." I remember this one well because I shared it with the ladies in the jail during Reformer's Unanimous. (RU is an addiction program that my husband and I participated in through our church for two years.)

Recently, my catchphrase has been "Servant's Heart." Sometimes this gets draw out to "be a servant," "serve willingly," or some sort of variation on that. So when I'm asked to do something and my initial reaction is "that's not fair" or "I don't want to," I can stop myself, take a deep breath, and respond willingly. And I think that makes God happy.


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