Monday, February 21, 2011


Sunday’s are my favorite day! Sure, they are busy and occasionally tiring but that’s part of their charm. Sunday is the day to learn and relearn things from the Bible. The day to receive encouragement from fellow Christians. The day to remind me of God’s love and care for His children. But really, that’s not the best part about Sundays. The best part about Sundays is what I can give.

My time: we all have different responsibilities that require our time. Sunday School class, nursery duty, soul-winning, choir, and cooking for soul-winning are only a few of the things that take my time.

My money: God demands our tithe by His word and commands our offering by His love. Compassion and a heart for missions encourages missions giving.

My talents: this is not the time to bow out gracefully or “humbly” say that I can’t do something. If I’m asked or it’s needed, I need to give it my best!

These things force me to get outside of myself and think about others. (Like I should be doing all week for my family!) What will make that person feel comfortable here? What will help that teenager stay in church? What will encourage that person to keep going?

After all God has done for me can I not do this little part for Him?

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