Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Day without Peas

At Micah’s doctor’s appointment last week we made some drastic changes to his diet. We are no longer putting Similac in his formula mixture and are instead getting the nine grams of regular protein from his diet. Nine grams may not seem like much but for a kid who only ate baby food and no meat it was! I was actually more worried about getting the nine grams in than going over! Ironic, huh? Who would have ever thought? Peas were our life-saver. One jar has four grams of protein and he loves them! So every day he has been eating a jar of peas for lunch, usually with something else. But as he has gotten used to more “real” food, such as bread and pasta and even some cheese, he has been getting more protein from those foods. Yesterday he had all nine grams of protein and no peas. At all. Probably a nice break for him. He has had 1/3 a slice of bread, some string cheese, part of a tortilla, some pasta, and then his normal fruits and veggies. He loved banana bread! Overall he still does better with table food if you follow each bite with some baby food. Otherwise he thinks he is a chipmunk and takes forever to actually swallow it. Justin said there was a problem when you washed down food with more food! I think he’s made remarkable progress this past week; I’m sure we will see even more in the next few weeks.

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