Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Beauty of Today

Yesterday I sat on the floor with my boys and played tickle games. My oldest giggles hysterically when he's tickled; it's one of my favorite sounds. I made up a silly song and sang it over and over because that's how small children are. 

Motherhood isn't all giggling. Quite a bit of time is spent cleaning up messes and correcting misbehavior. But that time I sat there with them and knew it would all be a memory one day. 

This is the time of my life. 

For some time I've been afraid that this is the best time of my life and that once it's over I'll be in despair for the rest of my life because I can't go back to it. That life will be all downhill after this.

I can't believe that's true. Even though I've looked forward to this all my life there are other things that I dream about doing one day. Now's the time to be tying shoes, folding laundry, and reading books. I'm one person and I have to do what's important with today's time. 

When this stage is over, there will be another one. Yes, I'll feel twinges of envy for people in this stage. Just like I did for some carefree college students who showed up to play volleyball while we were letting the boys play in the sand. But I'm thrilled with where I am in life and I want that at each stage. 

Life will change and it might be filled with something I don't have the time to do now. I might get to write more or draw more. I might get to coach volleyball or work with teen moms. I might get to pursue some type of creative work or serve on a mission field. I might get to play the piano more. 

Today is useful in two ways.  God is using my daily obedience for His glory right now. Today is not wasted. I am doing God's work right here in my living room and it's a glorious work.

He is also preparing me for tomorrow by the things I'm putting my time into today. I can use the little minutes to write and practice piano or I can scroll through facebook and watch Netflix. That's why I'm blogging, taking piano lessons, doing #52for2015.  That's why I'm reading as much as I can. Because this isn't just now- although now's important- it's also preparation for tomorrow. 

I will make the next stages of life wonderful or miserable by what I do now. 

God knows where my path will lead. I can dream but I can't know. I can prepare. I can hone skills and learn discipline. I can nurture relationships and grow in Christ. I can obey in this stage of life accepting it as the best time because it's where God put me. I can do everything to prepare myself to be ready for the work God has for me today and next year. I can live today in a way that I won't regret tomorrow. 

Your today counts twice. Use it well. 

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