Monday, July 6, 2015

July Goals

Art is a captivating thing. We'd say it's not necessary- like beauty or books- for survival. And maybe, just maybe, it's not. But it is certainly necessary for thriving. You can be alive without art and music and books but you can't really live. 

My first spring semester of college I took a drawing class. It was my only art class because they are long classes and moved into afternoon volleyball practice. Once I quit playing volleyball I was trying to finish a semester early (and I did) and didn't have as much time for the "fun" classes. 

My college professor suggested that I at least minor in art. I loved the idea but I already had a double major and didn't do it. I would probably redo that if I could. (Of course every time I think I would redo something I realize that God has always been at work in  my life and He's woven choices and decisions together in ways I could never imagine.) Thankfully learning is not exclusive to college. 

Learning doesn't stop when school ends. That's really where it begins. Where you can delve deep in topics that interest you and pay much less than what college costs. That's why I advocate personal grad school. It's a pursuing of skills and talents beyond the classroom into everyday life. Options abound; read books and blogs, listen to podcasts, experiment with projects. Part of this for me includes my goal-setting. 

June Goals: 
1. Two reading lessons a week with Micah. Check and check. 
2. Finish memorizing Psalm 19 with boys. It needs a little smoothing but it's done! 
3. Go on one out-of-the-house date with Justin. 
4. Lay groundwork for new project.  That should be launching toward the end of this month! 
5. Daily sketches (except Sundays and our vacation days). Check! 

I've been doing my June creativity project and I have loved messing around in a sketchbook every day. I've loved finding ideas and drawing. Most of the time I've been surprised at how well they've turned out. Not that they are great, but they are better than I expected. I look forward to drawing every day so I'm going to continue next month. 

However I don't want to get used to doing the same old thing. So I'm going to do my #52for2015 sketches in pen and colored pencils. 

1. One outside date
2. #52for2015 in pen and colored pencil (4)
3. Blog series on work on Mondays
4. Two reading lessons a week with Micah.
5. Memorize Psalm 100 with boys

Again I'm not listing things I'm already doing- like piano lessons, writing and drawing every day, cleaning, schoolwork with boys, etc. You get the idea. This is to focus on things that might not get done otherwise. 

Here's to July, people. What are you working on this month? 

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