Thursday, May 28, 2015

Why I'm Not a Fashion Blogger (Or What I Wear)

Yup, you read that right. This post is about my clothes. Not because I just want to show you my clothes- I've discovered I don't like taking pictures of my outfits- but it's been requested. It's taken several weeks longer than I intended just to pull together pictures! 

I'm no expert on fashion or clothes. However, I do know what I do. So here are my hints. 

1. Know what you like. What looks good on you? What you are comfortable in? These are probably the same once you start investigating. 

What styles do you like? For me- pencils and maxis are my favorite go-to skirt styles. Wear opposite styles on top and bottom. If I wear a pencil skirt, I wear a looser top. If I'm wearing a maxi, I'll wear a more fitted or structured top.  

What colors do you like? My wardrobe is ridiculously neutral right now. But I like jewel tones in the blue/purple/dark pink colors and they aren't really in right now. I don't wear pastels. I don't wear neon. If it's a great shirt and you don't like the color, don't buy it.  You won't wear it.  (You can get by with crazier colors in bottoms because they aren't next to your face.)

2. Have your standards. Everyone has dress standards even if they say they don't.  Know what yours are.  I could wear a lot more clothes if I changed some of my standards but I'm not willing to do that. For example, I'm on the search for dark denim knee-length pencil skirt. I've found several but they are all about 22 inches long and that's just way too short for me (I'm almost six foot tall). So I'm still looking. 

3. Shop sales. I got some really cute shirts at Old Navy for under five dollars apiece right after Christmas. Penney's has sales frequently and I bought a few things there a couple of weeks ago. Those are the two times I've been shopping since at least October, probably before that. 

4. Have a list of what you are looking for to fill in your wardrobe needs. Don't buy something just because it's on sale. Know what you want and need and save your money for those things. Don't buy things that don't fit or you don't like just because you're worried you won't find anything else. 

5. Accessorize. I've only recently been working on this.  I'm bad about not wanting to spend money on accessories but they do give you an ability to rematch things. Scarves and necklaces are especially versatile. They really give a finishing touch in my opinion, just like lipstick does to your face! (And I don't wear anything besides earrings at home.)

6. Wear what looks good on you, not you best friend. Your height, coloring, body 
shape, literally everything makes a difference here. Admire your friend's clothes... on her. 

I've been really working on everyday outfits. I want to look pulled-together at home but still ready for life here with potty-training, cleaning, and playing outside. I want to be ready to go out at a moment's notice or have people drop by without embarrassment. It's just as easy to throw on a cute top and bottom as it is sweats or a ratty t-shirt. (Unless you're working out, then by all means.) Since Micah was little I have thought almost every day "What if his g-tube comes out and we have to run to the hospital?" Weird, I know, and he doesn't have the g-tube anymore but the thought's still there. 

Personally I repeat outfits. I don't wear a different outfit every day. I buy the same top in different colors. (My husband assures me that this doesn't make me boring but I'm not too sure.)

So there's my take on clothes. Simple but tasteful is what I'm going for. I've even included some pictures because I love you. A few of the outfits are church outfits, not everyday outfits. 

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