Tuesday, May 12, 2015

7 Ways to Serve at Church

Church is important to our spiritual growth and service. I was jotting down some notes for this topic while I was fixing my hair one morning and then I read Hebrews 10 in my reading just a few minutes later. We are to be in church. No, there's no rule that lists Sunday School, Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night but why are we going to miss that opportunity for growth? The verse says, "so much the more" as we see the day approaching. It's no time to slack off. 

You'll never find the perfect church. Churches are led by people and filled with people. You'll never find a church that you agree with 100%. As my pastor says, "I don't even always agree with myself!" That's not an excuse to not go. But is going the end? 

So you've found a church that believes and teaches the Bible. Now what? Do you just show up and put in your time? Sit on that pew and then leave when it's over? Let's put a little more into it than that, ok? I have a few ideas for you. 

1. Get on board with your pastor's vision. Yes, you know what it is. It spills over every time he stands in that pulpit to preach. Jump on board. Go the same direction.

2. Serve. Find work you can do and do it well. Sing in the choir. Work in the nursery. Play an instrument. Offer to cook breakfast/snacks for your Sunday School class. Clean the building. Serve in a ministry. 

3. Be faithful. People should be able to expect you to be there. Now if you're sick and germy, stay home. No one wants to get the flu from you. And obviously if you have sick kids, stay home with them. But other than that, be there. Every single time, show up in your place. 

4. Be prepared. Be ready to do your work. Practice your music. Arrive early for the nursery. Plan a time to clean. Prep materials for your Sunday school class, bus route, outside ministry. 

5. Nurture your own walk with God. Your pastor and your church are not responsible for your own spiritual life. You are. That's between you and God. Your pastor shouldn't need to pump you up every week. Dig deep in the Word on your own. 

6. Love others. Grow your relationships with fellow church members. Be kind to visitors. Show the love of Christ to the lost. Your pastor really cares about how people are treated when they attend your church but there's only so much he can do about how you behave. 

7. Be durable. You are going to get your feelings hurt; your church is filled with people. Don't let that stop you. Someone is going to let you down. That's ok. You're serving Jesus, not that person. Don't get all bent out of shape and quit. Stay till the end. 

Church is a wonderful blessing to you and you should be to the church as well. What helps you serve at church? 

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