Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March Goals

My set time for "winter" goals is over! Does that mean it's spring now? Unfortunately I think not since there are two inches of fresh snow outside while I'm writing this. 

Winter goals went pretty well. Writing down what I wanted to accomplish and putting it out here really helped. There's something to be said for that accountability story even if I didn't expect anyone to be calling me out. 

1. Lose 7ish pounds. 

2. Once a month out-of-home dates. 
We did this for December and January. We didn't get out by ourselves in Februrary but we did take the whole family out several times. (Like how I only crossed out part of it?)

3. Marriage book club. 
This is in progress!

4. Read two books on mothering. Ok, this one was technically a fail. I didn't finish any motherhood books. However I did read bits and pieces of several motherhood books so I'm not writing it off completely. 

5. Start preschool. 

6. Attend Influence Network classes. 

7. Piano!  

New Goals. 

I was having problems processing goals for spring (March-May) so I decided to just work on March. There is no perfect way to set goals after all. As things become habits I am leaving them off the goals list: for instance, writing, regular piano practice and lessons, working in Photoshop, etc. 

1. One Dr. Pepper a week. And let's get specific- I'm going to drink it on Monday nights when I'm going my "book club." I love Dr. Pepper but it's a little out of control and it's not like they are good for me. 

2. Keep consistent workouts. My aim is consistency. I have a great pinboard of workouts that I actually use. I know people hate on Pinterest for creating discontentment but I really use the content I have pinned. (Funny how different things pose problems for different people.) 

3. Creativity series on blog. That's right! On Thursday I'm going to start sharing some ideas on creativity. It's something I've been working on nurturing in my own life and I've been reading and studying about it this year. I thought I would share some of that with you! 

4. Homeschool: pencil skills with Micah- 3x a week (process, not outcome)
     -review alphabet
     -letter sounds- E, F, G (need to find little reminder songs or fingerplay- know any?)

5. One outside date- no kids.

6. Read Growing Great Kids and Great Expectations. What I didn't mention is that I read two Jane Austen books and part of Great Expectations since the first of the year. All in the time it takes me to feed the baby before bed. Justin's typically home and the older boys are watching George and eating a snack so I've been reading a few pages every night. 

So there we have it! Some of my work for March. What are you working on this month? 

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  1. Good job with your goals! :) My goals for this month aren't very fun -- they mostly revolve around cleaning and sorting and getting ready to leave the country in a couple of months.

  2. They have to be done though! I'm sure that's not as much. Glad you get to visit for a while!